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Merry Christmas, cleaning of the affiliates and of the top-sites

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The World Of Sakura

In the first place, I wish you a merry Christmas Eve!!! Have fun, do not open your presents before midnight and especially for those who drink, do not forget the formula: "Drink in moderation!!!"

Otherwise, here is my Christmas present which is now finished, indeed here is the last 4 parts of the 2nd movie!!!

Then, I made a big cleaning in my affiliates and in the top-sites too! And yes, some heads has fallen -___- But in another hand, I now look for new webmasters who want to see their site to be part of it. There is already one: Star Designs. But be careful, from now on I will be stricter on the quality of the design and the contents of the site. In other words, everybody cannot become an affiliate. Then if you wish to integrate it, please read the page on the membership. Thank you for respecting the information to supply when you ask to apply.

A last thing, I'm addressing to the webmasters of sites about Card Captor Sakura (which are completely dedicated to it or partially only), if you register your site on my top-sites, please verify the information to give in the form because either the site does not correspond at all to the criterias, or the link is dead. I have just deleted 6 sites from the top-site and I am very sorry about it... My preference is on the quality rather than on the quantity.

That's all folks, have a good evening ^^