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Here are a big number of updates

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The World Of Sakura


Sorry to have abandoned the site again but I did not really want to correct the bugs and to recondition the images which was not displayed anymore. I finally partially did the job -__-

Here are the details:

- restoration of the member zone, the pages concerning the episodes, those of the fanfics, the lyrics, the page on CLAMP and the one of the artbooks (although incomplete);

- I have uploaded the artbooks content again but not all the pages, once again I'm sorry;

- the galleries of images are available again;

- I have added Spanish covers of the manga, the French covers of the volumes 8 to 10 of the anime comic, the 2 fanarts of Hamza (I'm sorry for the time when you have to wait and thank you for your contribution);

- I brought an update to the page of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ);

- and the last thing, the newsletter is operational again thus join please (register your account free of charge) ^^

Here we are, I hope that all these updates will bring you the information you are waiting for. Kisses to all!

Chan IRC merge

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Hello hello!!!
Here is a small update to give some explanation about something: my IRC channel merged with the one of a friend of mine. From now on, you can reach it by the mIRC software, I am going to redo a tutorial (instructions for knowing how to use it) for this occasion, by using this address #clubdo@irc.recycled-irc.org or by using the applet (special page - do not exist any more) which is on the site (knowing that you cannot download anything this way). Worth knowing also, that the 1st movie is downloadable only on the chan IRC for the moment because I do not have a place anymore to put it on my site (the server supporting the site is currently full), thus please learn how to use mIRC, I know that that may looks very complicated at the beginning, but it is necessary to persevere and say to yourselves that you will have 2 movies and the anime episodes (because they also will be downloadable on IRC) in a short time and that the server IRC abounds in a lot of other channels of teams specialized in the subtitlings of anime and the translations of manga. If you want me to directly explain you the functioning of mIRC, please go on the chan by using the special page of the site (the applet mentionned above) to contact me. Good chat to all!!!

New version of the site

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Here we are!!! As you can see it, the new version of the site has been released ^^ Well, I warn you, there are dead links because I renamed a page and then... let it go, I'll spare you with the details, I do not think that you will understand, it is so much of technical language ^^ And then, it is sometimes necessary to keep its secrets of conception, LOL.

Well I have of other updates to do today, but I am firstly going to correct a big number of dead links u__u There is a lot of work to do!!!

Therefore, take a look of the site again later, you will find that the site is not really browsable for the moment. In every case, the menus on the sides are without error, thus in the worst case please click on their links.

Here we are, see you later thus!