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Fit of bad temper!!! Enough for the insults!

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The World Of Sakura

Here we are!!!! I cancel the previous update, because I had not read the tagboard!!!

Now if you wish to download the movies, you will have to go on my IRC channel, I apologize to those who are not guilty, but there is no need to take me for an idiot!!!

This measure will be applied up to when it please to me, I don't care, I have all the episodes and all the movies of Card Captor Sakura... I thought of pleasing people by offering them the possibility of download directly (without using P2P software for example, fast and not complicated) but some people thinks they are allowed to offend me... So well, I say that's enough, those who are not satisfied just have only to go to visit some other websites...

The site is not near its closure so do not have too much illusions, and if my site is so crappy as you like to say it, you will need to explain to me why it is permanently classified in the top 20 of Forever Sakura top-site (which lists all the sites which exists on Card Captor Sakura)...

The first movie is ready to be downloaded

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Here we are, I promises things on the tagboard (at the top of pages, on the former version of the site) and I finally don't follow my words!!!

I beg your pardon and hope that the release of the 1st movie will pleases you ^^ I also remind to you that it is necessary to be identified as a member (register your account free of charge) to be able to download it!!!

I also changed the announcement which is above the links of download on this page, please read it.