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Newsletter creation

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The World Of Sakura

I sets up a newsletter for the site. There are already subscribers. Worth knowing that I took back the addresses e-mails of the members of the site. If you are registered and that you do not wish to receive the newsletter, use the form at the bottom of this page by choosing "unsubscribe".

For those who wish to join, you just have to use the same form. ^^
I tested it and for me everything works whenever you meet a problem, send me an e-mail to webmaster AT twosakura DOT com. I am going to send one this evening to make a test and warn of the creation.

If somebody wishes to know if he/she is already registered, you can verify it by entering your address as if you wanted to join, you will receive immediately the confirmation of registration or refusal. If you used the form and if you received nothing, please warn me as soon as possible. Thank you in advance.

First episodes to download

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Hello everybody, here is it is heading for the episodes!!! Right now, the first 10 episodes are available on the IRC chan and it's only the beginning ^^ All this is thanks to "laloi" ^^ Thanks to you!!!

I look for the raws of the episodes (that is original versions with neither subtitles nor audio translations), so I could myself create subtitles and take out versions in original audi version with French subtitiles of better quality than certain episodes... Well, it will be necessary to content itself at the moment with that because you cannot know how much it is difficult to find and to download the episodes, even in French version, on eMule, etc... - ___-

New PC, IRC and updated pages

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Big piece of news ^^ I have a new pc ^^ One quite beautiful and very powerful!!! That is well worth a small update, no?
Well, I see nobody going on the chan, the episodes in French version, that does not interest you? I made a tutorial beautiful (instructions for use) for those who don't know already IRC. I am certainly going to put also those of "Tsubasa" on the chan... A part of the site will be as well for "Tsubasa", seen as my site is centered on "Sakura", it is completely possible to add this part ^^ Finally, I shall already see to find an information source ^^
Here is the list of updated pages: "Who ami I?", the link of the menu for the tutorial IRC and the FAQ.

Good luck to all the students!

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And that's it, it is the comeback ^^ Good luck to those who return to the school -___- Me too I have to go back to school, it will be certainly my last year !

Well here we are, as it's the beginning of a new academic year, and as I had promised, the IRC channel is functional once again and it is waiting for you so that you can download the episodes of the anime as well as the movies. At the moment, there are only 4 episodes and the 1st movie. Others shall arrive soon. You will also find a tutorial (instructions for use something in computer science) where you will find all the things to be known about IRC (from the connection to the servers to the commands for downloading files including the configuration of the software). At the beginning, you may find this very complicated, but you will rather fastly realize that it is very good way to download files. Until today, I've never fell on any virus or any fake (file which is not the one that we wished for).

Sakura, Shaoran and I are waiting for you ^__~