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Visitors' book, counter of visits, episodes and movies to download

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The World Of Sakura

Hi everybody, I make this small update to indicate you that I have finally rebuilt the visitors' book, its only waits for your messages. I also rebuilt the counter of daily visits on the 1st page, it never goes back to zero at the change of date... Now, the advantage is that he detects the visitors according to the IP.

Additionnal thing, I have a new link towards a new site on "Fruits Basket" named "Fruits Basket Fansite" and the link of "MinaManga" changed.

A last thing, all the episodes are available in French audio version from the first one on the last one on the IRC channel, the 1st movie is available in original version with French subtitles and in French audio version and the 2nd movie in original version with French subtitles. Do not forget that there are a tutorial (instructions for use) and a webchat if you want that I explain to you (ask Lo-chan in the chat room).