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Happy new year!!!

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The World Of Sakura

This is the last day of the year 2005, I'd like to wish you a good and happy new year 2006. I hope it will give you happiness!!!

Meantime, the 2nd movie is available in French on the IRC channel ^^

Kikou ^^ Xmas is near !!!

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I am impatient at this moment to arrive this day, and you???

In the meantime, I have to give you some news ^^:

- In the first place, I received only one demand for the "Site of the month", I am a little disappointed... Then at the moment, she will obviously be the chosen one. I still wait for your demands, you have until December 31st to send them (concerning January);

- Secondly, I registered my site on a new network "CCS Addict", and I removed the site "Sakura Révolution" of the affiliates because it is now closed;

- Thirdly, as someboby has proposed it to me, the summary of the 1st movie has finally arrived, it was written by Sérénia, thanks to you ^^;

- Fourthly, I added a new link in the part "Other manga": "Digital Blue" but I didn't get any button or banner yet;

- Fifthly, /!\ be careful for the extension of the IRC chan server, it has changed!!! The address of the server is now "irc.recycled-irc.net"!

- Finnaly, I invite you to sign the petition below. It is intended for the refusal of the presentation of a law (in France) to eliminate freewares (free software as "VLC Player" to read videos and DVD, "The Gimp" who competes with "Paint Shop Pro", etc...) Go to visit their site, it is very complete and updated very regularly. Make fast there's not much time left. Thank you in advance. (This last news is no more in actuallity)