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Poll for the movies

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The World Of Sakura

Hi everybody !!!

Here is a little news to say a poll is available on the web site. This is about the Card Captor Sakura's movies which will be online soon. This will helps me to know in which order I have to upload the movies.

After finishing the movies upload, I'll work on the anime episodes. Be careful, they won't stay online a long time due to server problems. You'll have to come back soon to be able to download everything. Please register to the newsletter in order to be able to download the episodes as soon as they are availables.

Next update: some OST!

Come back of the musics (2)

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Konnichiwa !

I'm doing another news to let you know I'm still uploading some OST. This time, it's about the 1st OST and the 2nd OST.

The others will come very soon ^^

Come back of the musics (1)

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I'm continuing to upload some OST! Here are the news: the "Song Collection 2" CD and the midi files. Others will come in the afternoon ^^

Happy Twelfth Night!

Various corrections such as the member zone

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Hi everybody!!! How are you ??

Here is a big news, in fact it's on the work time, it took me the whole afternoon -___-

I've corrected and made some imporvments on some pages from the membre zone. I won't gave you the whole details because that was code modifications (secret and you won't understand anything ^__~).

Then, I'm uploading again the musics, which was neglected... So there are the movies' OST and the "Christmas Concert" CD.

Finally, I'd like to remind you that some pages are not available, maybe because of a personnal error. If you see such pages, please send me an email. This will allow me to speed up the errors' corrections. I really thank you in advance ^^ and I'm sorry about that...

New rule for the tagboard

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Here it is, this is 2006... The time flies so fast -__-

A small news only to warn you there are some problems on the "Download" pages. I'm also rebuilding the member zone (inscription and connection pages), easiest way to use them!!!

The tagboard will be only available for members. After the bad words which was said on it, I'm restraining the usage. Nobody will be able to take the identity of another visitor!

Please be free to register your account, even if you've already an account. I'm really sorry for the problems you've known until today.

I hope to finish the script installation as soon as possible.