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Here is a new update ^^

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The World Of Sakura

In the first place, I have the pleasure to announce you that the site counts a new member. It is about the site Tsubasa Dimension, I invite you to visit this site.

In another hand, the members have maybe already noticed it, but you can now display the list of the members. You can now know all the members of the site. Only the public information is shown there.

Coming next: I am creating an internal messager tool, it will allow you to exchange information with other visitors. The profiles of the members will also be accessible soon with the list of the members.

Finally, I remind you that if you wish, finally to make known your Web sites on Sakura (and Tsubasa), I accept gladly exchanges of links.


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Further to a remark, the software library was not up to date... Thus here we are, the problem was corrected. You can again download the software which you will need.

Hello friends!!!

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Well here is the come back of the tagboard, it was revised and improved. Furthermore, he allowed me to learn something furthermore in term of development ^^ From now on, it is not possible any more for you to post neither Web sites addresses nor e-mail addresses. I explane.

In the first place, the tagboard is a tool provided to you with to allow you to communicate quickly with the other visitors, thus it is neither an advertising space nor a place or you have not to disturb the other visitors with your addresses.

In another hand, if you wish to communicate useful links, the forum is there for that.
Finally, I do not think that it is really good for your e-mail inboxes to put your e-mail addresses online, as people ill-intentioned wait only for that to get back them and send you viruses. For this blocking, I am developing a new tool which will allow you to send messages with other visitors. Please use this way in the future if you want to communicate your e-mail addresses, it will be a simple and reliable tool. In this kind of case your information will not be public.

I come back on the tagboard, there is also a new security, the flood is now controlled. A single visitor cannot post two messages without leaving a deadline of 15 seconds and it is impossible to post the same message twice in a row.

Have fun with the tagboard.

Good evening!!!

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A small update to indicate you that there is something new in the features of the members. You can add from now on information such as an avatar which will be uploaded on the site. Watch out, there are sizes and file weight limits. The image does not have to exceed 150 pixels in height and in width, she has to weight no more than 512 Ko(Kb) and has to be in "jpg", "gif" or "png" format. If you don't respect these rules, your image will not be added to your profile.

Something else, I put the tagboard in maintenance, just the time when I quickly modify it. It is modifications peculiar to the coding, thus that will not be visible for you.

BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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After several months of absence, The World Of Sakura makes a strong comeback ^^

To begin, please note the new address: http://twosakura.info!!!

Then some people will have doubtless noticed it, the site was completely revised. The dead links disappeared and I plan well to prevent them from returning ^ _ ~. In the program, return of the musics and soon also the episodes since I’m ripping them (I take a DVD and make a readable file on computer). They will also be available on the site in direct download. Apparently the solution that I proposed (the IRC chan) did not get success, having said that, it is always on the agenda and I invite you to come to discuss with us. Only a few of you came above to download the files... Movies also will return.

In brief, I make so that the site is friendlier. That's why I am going to give more possibilities to the members of the site. Besides the download, they will have the possibility of expressing their opinion (the visitors' book is accessible to all of you) and discuss between members by means of an internal messaging developed by my little hands.

Do not hesitate to add your contribution on the site. For it if you have fanfics (even simply begun) or fanarts, I shall accept them with pleasures. If you have a website or know somebody who possesses one, I shall accept an exchange of link.

For the members, there was a big housework. Further to accounts respecting the new rules (read them here), I deleted a big number of accounts. Thus if yours was erased, nothing prevents you from recreating one which follows the rules.

In brief, I recommend you to browse again the whole website, there were quite a lot of modifications on pages.

On those, I wish a good start of the school year to the pupils. Good luck to you all.