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The return!

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The World Of Sakura

Hello all, here is the big return of the website, reachable from a new domain name: https://twosakura.com.

The site was completely redone, codes also, so that it now answers the last existing standards on the Internet, HTML5 and CSS3, and so that it is accessible from computers and smartphones.

I am still in phase of filling of the website with the contents of the old site, which I correct (in particular for the spelling mistakes, numerous...). I am also translating the site into English. It is thus possible that certain pages show a 404 errors because they can exist on the French version but not in the English version. Sorry for it, my spare time is rather small.

The site is also on the main social networks, the links are at the bottom of every pages.

Here we are, I hope you will enjoy this new version!