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Progressive filling of the site

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The World Of Sakura

Hello everybody!

I keep filling gradually the site. It is very long! I already had a good contents although incomplete unfortunately. Furthermore, my writing style from about ten year was not good, "poor" maybe "childish" and filled with spelling mistake. Ahah! Today, I would like proposing a higher style everyone can understand while trying to keep the site accessible to the youngest, we cannot forget "Card Captor Sakura" is a manga / anime accessible for small and big children. If the contents are not rather clear, do not hesitate, send me your remarks by e-mail.

Thus I would like to make a small checkup on the accomplished work so far. The accessible pages are: the summary of the story, the pages of the characters, the pages of cards and the summaries of the episodes.

Nevertheless, it is still possible that the contents of these pages are not complete. As I evoked it above, due to the lack of time, I have to take back the initial contents, review it and correct it before publishing it. Knowing that I also made the decision to propose the site in French and in English, I also have to proceed to their translation, that complicates even more the production of pages with the contents of quality.

One of the next and numerous evolutions to come will be to finalize the process of registration and thus connection which will allow visitors to add comment on the publications and why not other pages to turn the site a little friendlier. With this, I will add a newsletter to stay informed about the news of the site and whose about the series.

Otherwise, did you saw my Facebook page? I shared the publications of a scantrad team which is publishing the new season of the manga in French called "Clear Card". I also found another which publishes it in English, I shall also post their releases later.

About the social networks, I finalized the creation of these pages. The site is now known on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and even on YouTube where some videos (the trailers of the 1st movie) are waiting for you. Please subscribe to these various pages!

Do not hesitate to share this site with all your otaku friends! Kisses to all!