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Addition of functionnalities and modifications more or less visibles

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The World Of Sakura

Hello! I hope that you are fine! I write a news because I think that it turns out necessary seen the very numerous changes that there was on the site. You will notice that some are visible and others not at all for you.

Among the visible changes, I revised a little the browsing of the site. This modification is visible on all the pages. I mainly reduced the footer, the black part between the contents of pages and the links towards the social networks. So, the "friends" sites do not appear directly here anymore. Why? At first, they had not been updated for years, they were abandoned. Secondly, I noticed that it was not popular with search engines and I would like to see the site appears to it in first pages. Other links appropriate to the site appear simply in a specific menu at the top of pages named "The site".

Another visible and important element, I have built the pages of registration and connection. They are completely functional. Thus you can join and connect to the site. Nevertheless, for the moment, this connection does not bring additional contents yet. But do not hesitate to register your account, it will be already done and that will allow me to notice the audience of the site. Thus I add on this matter that the site employment of the cookies (small files recorded on your computer allowing to follow your consultation of the various pages of the site and thus also to maintain your account activated from a page to another one). Thus you will have, in your first visit of the site only, a message at the bottom of pages for your information as regulations in force obliges (mainly in Europe).

In terms of contents, I updated the character profile about "Akiho Shinomoto". I added some lyrics since their implementation. I finalized the display of the first artbook. I began to draft the summaries of the manga. This time, I begin directly with the first chapter of the "Clear Card" season which seems to me the most expected according to the current events. On this matter, I am looking for getting back the raws of the manga, that is the original version of the manga, in Japanese so, as well as the translations. For this purpose, I’m trying to set up a partnership. If you have suggestions, do not hesitate.

Among the things which are not on the first plan but still which help in the browsing, I made that certain texts come along automatically with link. Some keywords present in texts of the site are clickables and can send you on other interesting pages of the site. You can pass thus directly on another page without having to use the big menu at the top of each pages. Simpler, for you and for me.

I have also renamed some pages as well as their addresses. The site is also secure since the beginning of the year. I created what we call an Ariadne's thread, it is a line placed on all the pages just below the banner. This thread allows you to know where you are browsing in the arborescence of the site and to go back easily or on a more general category. It nevertheless need to be perfected, some links remain missing. These elements allow a better possible browsing for the visitors.

The stages to come are at first, the increase of the possibilities of action for the visitors who can use their account to comment and note the quality of pages. Increase the contents of the site with the summaries of the episodes and the manga, the lyrics, the artbooks, etc...

As usual, I renew my calls to application for the friendly sites, the authors of fanfics and of fanarts and I shall also add for translators. Indeed, the site is currently drafted in two languages, English and French. Yet, I notice that there is a big community on Card Captor Sakura who speaks Spanish and German. Thus, if there are French or English speakers who speak one of these languages and who would agree to help me, I shall be very delighted with it.

To finish, do not forget to visit the various social networks pages: Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube and now Tumblr too!