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Summary of the story

Written by Lo-chan

Sakura Kinomoto is not a girl of ordinary 4th year of primary school, since a few months she became Card Captor. Further to an excursion in the library of his father, Fujitaka Kinomoto, Sakura fell on a strange book, once opened, a small cuddly fluffy character went out of it: Kero. This small lion is the protective guardian of the book who contains the Clow Cards, cards possessing incredible magic powers. But, Sakura and Kero fast realizes that there is no more card in the book which can have a terrible consequence: a plague could affect the Earth!! In the meantime, the cards are free and take advantage of it to bother the human beings. Sakura and Kero goes out of the house at night to hunt the cards and lock them again into the book. In every fight, the Card Captor obtains the power of the creature which she has captured and s is going to become more and more powerful in spite of her young age. She is accompanied in her adventure by Tomoyo Daidoji, a classmate fan of Sakura and who takes essentially care by sewing her magnificent costumes and by filming her exploits in the dark night.


A criticism!


Know that this manga of Clamp had an enormous succes in Japan during its publication, Card Captor Sakura is an excellent manga of humor and relaxation which I advise to you, every volume is accompanied by a Clow Card serving as bookmark as in the VO. Good initiative!