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Newsletter creation

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I sets up a newsletter for the site. There are already subscribers. Worth knowing that I took back the addresses e-mails of the members of the site. If you are registered and that you do not wish to receive the newsletter, use the form at the bottom of this page by choosing "unsubscribe".

For those who wish to join, you just have to use the same form. ^^
I tested it and for me everything works whenever you meet a problem, send me an e-mail to webmaster AT twosakura DOT com. I am going to send one this evening to make a test and warn of the creation.

If somebody wishes to know if he/she is already registered, you can verify it by entering your address as if you wanted to join, you will receive immediately the confirmation of registration or refusal. If you used the form and if you received nothing, please warn me as soon as possible. Thank you in advance.


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