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Hello friends!!!

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Well here is the come back of the tagboard, it was revised and improved. Furthermore, he allowed me to learn something furthermore in term of development ^^ From now on, it is not possible any more for you to post neither Web sites addresses nor e-mail addresses. I explane.

In the first place, the tagboard is a tool provided to you with to allow you to communicate quickly with the other visitors, thus it is neither an advertising space nor a place or you have not to disturb the other visitors with your addresses.

In another hand, if you wish to communicate useful links, the forum is there for that.
Finally, I do not think that it is really good for your e-mail inboxes to put your e-mail addresses online, as people ill-intentioned wait only for that to get back them and send you viruses. For this blocking, I am developing a new tool which will allow you to send messages with other visitors. Please use this way in the future if you want to communicate your e-mail addresses, it will be a simple and reliable tool. In this kind of case your information will not be public.

I come back on the tagboard, there is also a new security, the flood is now controlled. A single visitor cannot post two messages without leaving a deadline of 15 seconds and it is impossible to post the same message twice in a row.

Have fun with the tagboard.


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