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Akiho Shinomoto, the lyrics and the artbooks : new pages

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Hello to all and welcome to the new visitors!

I had not made news since a few weeks, then I said to myself that it was the good moment. As I indicated it in the title, I come to make a little check on the progress of the site.
You know that Card Captor Sakura knows a new season which thus extends both first ones which we already know concerning the Clow Cards and the Sakura Cards. This new season is called "Clear Card", it thus implies that a new type of cards is expected. With this new season, we discovered a new character "Akiho Shinomoto" who seems to promise full of new events for Sakura, Tomoyo and Shaoran because her presence is very remarkable. I thus drafted her a character profile page whose I shall update every time the new season of the manga (currently in publication in Japan and currently in translation by teams of scantrad) will see a new chapter.

I also resumed the creation of lyrics of the anime and the movies. These pages are currently being written and I'm translating the songs for which I had no words in French on the former version of the site. It is necessary to say that in that period I had not the necessary level of English to make it. It is thus about a real creation of contents. These pages being still in works, they will soon change because the current display does not satisfy me.

I began the creation of pages concerning artbooks (books of illustrations). On this occasion, I reclassified these pages outside the download zone (item of the menu). They are now in the submenu "CCSakura" because the whole serie (manga, anime and movies) is involved. Furthermore, we can expect to see appearing a new one with the new season Clear Card. In any case, I have a great idea of display of the images, I think that it will be nice, I shall make you the surprise in the days to come. Come back visiting the site in a few days to see the result!

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As usual, do not hesitate to share this site with all your otaku friends! Kisses to all!


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