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Clear Card season in anime and lyrics

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Happy new year!!!

Dear fans of Card Captor Sakura! Did you see that the new season ofthe anime began in Japan? Therefore, we begin to see appearing some subtitled version in English on the Internet. Personally, I have not found the time yet to watch the first episode (but I really look forward to)!

On the other hand, I was able to see the opening and ending credits. The songs are really beautiful and stay in the style of the anime. The opening is called "CLEAR", title suited for a season named "Clear Card". He is sung by the very famous Maaya Sakamoto singer, who has already sung quite a lot of musics of the previous two seasons. She is very known among the singers of anisong (songs of anime). The ending is called "Jewelry" and is sung by Saori Hayami.

Further to the discovery of these two new songs, I resumed the construction site of pages proposing the lyrics. Thus you will find them there. Watch out, however, the lyrics of theses songs are incomplete right now, because I have only get the short versions of the anime. The long versions will arrive later when derivated products, here OST (music CD) will go out accompanied by their booklets. The two new songs were translated by myself (thank to my Japanese courses which begin to pay).

I also add one by one the lyrics of the songs from the first two seasons. I take advantage of it to go back on those already added on the site. I noticed some kanji towards romaji transcription errors. In the past, not knowing how to read Japanese, I had to get back unfortunately not always exact transcriptions, including in the kanji versions, which I can now correct thanks to the booklets of my CD, because I know how to read them (with the help of a dictionary). The current rhythm is a song corrected and a song added per day, it's better than nothing.

Here we are, I do not forget the site, no concern!

I wish all of you good karaoke!



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