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Here are a big number of updates

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Sorry to have abandoned the site again but I did not really want to correct the bugs and to recondition the images which was not displayed anymore. I finally partially did the job -__-

Here are the details:

- restoration of the member zone, the pages concerning the episodes, those of the fanfics, the lyrics, the page on CLAMP and the one of the artbooks (although incomplete);

- I have uploaded the artbooks content again but not all the pages, once again I'm sorry;

- the galleries of images are available again;

- I have added Spanish covers of the manga, the French covers of the volumes 8 to 10 of the anime comic, the 2 fanarts of Hamza (I'm sorry for the time when you have to wait and thank you for your contribution);

- I brought an update to the page of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ);

- and the last thing, the newsletter is operational again thus join please (register your account free of charge) ^^

Here we are, I hope that all these updates will bring you the information you are waiting for. Kisses to all!


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