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The animated movies of Card Captor Sakura

Written by Lo-chan

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Hey yes! Movies with one "-S" because they are two, it is wonderul and they are in addition of the 70 episodes for the anime. Here are their summaries. The first movie takes place between the first and the second season (that is between the episodes 35 and 36) and the second after the last episode, it was concluding the series until the Clear Card Season was annonced in 2017. The season will be a sequel to the second movie.

I choose not to use the English names of the characters to ease the translations in the various versions of the site. If you do not remember anymore the name of the character in your language, click on the name to arrive on the profile page of the character.


First movie - Trip to Hong-Kong


Everything begins with the capture of the card The Arrow while takes place, as usual, a battle between Sakura and Shaoran. This time, it is Sakura who capture the card and who wins it.

Some times later, we can see Sakura who is playing in a kind of lottery. She wins and discovers her prize: a journey in Hong-Kong for 4 people. She asks Tomoyo, as well as his brother - Toya - and Yukito to come with her. And that is when the story really begins...

Indeed, after their arrival to Hong-Kong, Sakura felt a strange aura. It would seem that two birds observe them constantly. By wanting to pursue them, she meets Shaoran and Meilin, who came back to Hong-Kong for the holidays. Shaoran can also feel this strange impression. Finally, it turns out that it is about a very strange woman who wants at all costs to find Clow.

During a meeting with the mother of Shaoran who is a famous magician, Sakura learn that this woman was formerly a fortune-teller, but that when Clow arrived with its new style of magic, he suddently had at more success than her and this woman tried at all costs to take revenge because of her jealousy. But what she ignores, it is that Clow died a long time ago.

Later, by walking in an old building, Sakura found a book with the photo of a woman on the cover and when she opened it, water started to fill the whole room and everybody (Sakura, Tomoyo, Shaoran, Meilin, Toya and Yukito) were taken as prisoners of a strange universe. A woman faced them, it was this magician woman. She imprisoned all the friends of Sakura into sorts of bubbles, except Shaoran, until he missed his attack against the woman. Sakura succeeded only in releasing Tomoyo and in running away with her.

She was having a grief against herself for having abandoned everybody and looked for a way to go back to the woman for saving them. She went to ask advice from the mother of Shaoran, who succeeded in opening her a passage towards the strange universe created by the woman. Sakura left in order to help her friends and during all the fight, she heard the voice of Clow to murmur her the sentence: "the water has to flow". She finally manages to understand the sense of these words and thanks to The Arrow card, she made a hole in the walls and the water flowed. But it is not totally ended. Sakura realized that this woman did not look for Clow to lead him to his loss as she had believed it at first, but because it was her big love for Clow and because during all these years she waited for him. When Sakura told her that he died, the magician woman began crying then she became dust. The friends of Sakura were freed.

The movie ends on the return by boat of Sakura, Tomoyo, Toya and Yukito towards Tomoeda.


Second movie - The Sealed Card


It is the summer and Sakura prepares a play with her classmates for the big "Nadeshiko Festival" (festival of flowers). It is about the love story between a prince and a princess of two enemy countries. Sakura has to play the role of the princess with her friend, Takashi, in the role of the prince. However, Sakura does not stop thinking of Shaoran and sighing, becoming melancholic, a feeling that we don't knew or her.

At the same moment, in the place where was the house of Eriol previously, a quite new amusement park is at the end of its construction and is nearly ready to open. While having a walk by over there Sakura and Tomoyo meet suddenly Shaoran and his cousin Meilin, returned to Japan to be able to attend the "Nadeshiko Festival". Sakura and Shaoran will, afterward, always be alone together, Tomoyo and Meilin intriguing in the shade, so that Sakura admits finally her feelings to Shaoran. However, Sakura, who wants to confess, has a great deal of difficulty in surmounting his embarrassment to act and becomes a very shy person and reddening together with Shaoran. And every time she finds enough courage to be able to say it, both are interrupted, the funniest being the time when they fall on Toya disguised as a stuffed rabbit.

The story does not however turn only around the relation between our two young turtledoves, because without a small mystery and a beautiful fight in costume, Sakura would not be any more Sakura without a costume. At the same time, Sakura has the sensation that something takes place, without knowing what. Indeed, her cards disappear one after the other as many objects and buildings parts which evaporate almost everywhere in the city. In the amusement park which just opened its doors and where Sakura went with Shaoran and their friends, she perceives the silhouette of a strange girl with a melancholic air. When Sakura tries to use her cards against her, they disappeared, going towards the mysterious girl who asks that we return to her her friends, then escaped. Our heroine, who does not understand how it is possible, is informed a little later on the telephone by Eriol who calls her from the United Kingdom where he returned to live. All this is the fact of a card which was sealed previously under his house. To overcome it, Sakura will have to part from what she likes most to the world. But what is it all about?

During the "Nadeshiko Festival" where Shaoran replaced Takashi, wounded, in the main male role, the card appeared and everything began to disappear, including the close friends of Sakura. Our friends followed the girl in the amusement park for the final fight.

Will Sakura manage to save his friends and the city while protecting what she likes most to the world? Will she manage to admit her feelings and confess to Shaoran? For knowing it, it will be necessary to you to see the movie!