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Written by Lo-chan


Clow Card

The Arrow
The Arrow

Sakura Card

The Arrow
The Arrow

The Arrow

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Technical information:

Japanese name: 矢, や, ya, アロー, arou
Translation in French: La Flèche
Elementary card: The Firey
Protective guardian: Kerberos (Normal size)
Look: A young girl with a bow and an arrow.
Colored part: A small red ball just below the neck.
Power: This card can shoot continuous stream of arrows.
Nature: It has an aggressive temperament.
Capture: This is the card that Sakura captures in the first film, at the beginning.
Use: It is used only in the first movie. Sakura uses it for cutting her ties when she is tied up and is sinking. It doesn't appears nor in the mange neither in the anime.
Transformation: We never see Sakura to transform this card. But Kero says in the 61 episode that Sakura transformed four cards in a row, so it is possible that Arrow was one of them.