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Tomoyo Daidoji

Tomoyo Daidoji

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Tomoyo Daidoji is the best friend of Sakura Kinomoto, the central figure of the story. She will discover the secret of Sakura from the beginning of the story. She will thus accompany Sakura during her search for the Clow Cards and will film almost all the exploits of Sakura unwillingly, the capture and the transformation of Clow Cards in Sakura Cards. She will also be of good advices, as her name indicates it (Tomoyo which can be translated by "worldly wisdom" and Daidoji by "temple of moral major principles") and will make all the costumes which Sakura will wear.
Her mother, Sonomi Daidoji is also present in the story. We learn that she is the cousin of the mother of Sakura (Nadeshiko / Nathalie). Sakura and Tomoyo are from the same family, but they do not seem to be aware of it.

Technical information:

Original name: 大道寺 知世, Daidōji Tomoyo
Name in the French version: Tiffany
Name in the English version: Madison Taylor
Japanese dubbing: Junko Iwao (famous Japanese singer)
French dubbing: Léa Gabrielle
English dubbing (animax dub): Sarah Hauser (1st voice), Claudia Thompson (2nd voice)
English dubbing (other studio): Maggie Blue O'Hara (complete series and the 1st movie), Michelle Ruff (2nd movie)
Look: dark and long hair, dark purple eyes
Design by: Unknown
Apparitions in other manga: Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-

Key elements:

Born: 3rd of September
Blood type: A
Favorite subjects: music, grammar
Hated subjects: None
Activities: choir, to film Sakura
Favotite colors: beige, white
Favotite flowers: lotus, flower of cherry tree
Favotite dishes: soup of pastas, sushi
Hated dishes:
Culinary specialities: italian cuisine
Would like:
Favotite sentances: None

Magic used:

Master: N/A
Magic symbol:
Type of magic: N/A