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Akiho Shinomoto

Akiho Shinomoto

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Akiho Shinomoto is a new feminine character presented in the chapter 7 of the season Clear Card of the manga "Card Captor Sakura". She is a girl, very cute, about the same age that the heroin of the series: Sakura.
Amazing fact, she looks like Sakura, resemblance also suggested by her surname "Shinomoto" which also looks like that of Sakura "Kinomoto" and by the fact that she walks with a fluffy rabbit which she calls "Momo". We learn in the manga that Akiho lives with a person who does not seem to be of her family, no precision on this person is supplied. This person is totally unknown to this day. Thus we can hope for the arrival of another new recurring character.
Akiho Shinomoto arrives in the series further to a change of school and finds herself in the class of Sakura and Tomoyo. Sakura wishes to become her friend. In the first break of noon following her arrival, Sakura and Tomoyo presents her to their group of friends by inviting her for lunch . Akiho is warmly welcomed. We discover she used to live in France, in Germany, in Italy, in England and in Hong-Kong before arriving to Japan. She is also as gullible as Sakura and Shaoran for the jokes of Takashi.
We also learn that Akiho knows how to sing and makes duets with Tomoyo.
Thus we shall find Akiho Shinomoto in the new season of the anime "Card Captor Sakura", "Clear Card", who will be released at the beginning of 2018 in Japan.

Technical information:

Original name: Akiho Shinomoto
Name in the French version: Unknown
Name in the English version: Unknown
Japanese dubbing: Unknown
French dubbing: Unknown
English dubbing (animax dub): Unknown
English dubbing (other studio): Unknown
Look: Curly fair hair, blue eyes
Design by: Unknown
Apparitions in other manga: None

Key elements:

Born: Unknown
Blood type: Unknown
Favorite subjects: Unknown
Hated subjects: Unknown
Activities: Unknown
Favotite colors: Unknown
Favotite flowers: Unknown
Favotite dishes: Unknown
Hated dishes:
Culinary specialities: She seems not to know how to cook
Would like:
Favotite sentances: None

Magic used:

Master: None
Magic symbol:
Type of magic: None