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The summaries of Card Captor Sakura the manga

Written by Lo-chan

Clow Card season - Sakura Card season


Clear Card season - Chapter 1


Technical information:

Volume number in the edition of 2016: 1


The chapter begins on kind of a warning: "the gathering of cards was not the end, but rather the beginning of the end".

Just after it, we find Sakura in uniform for the school and Kero who announces her that it is the hour when she has to leave. She is ready and Kero wonders that even her hair are correct. Sakura says us it is her first day to the middle school. She comes down to join Fujitaka and Toya to have breakfast. Fujitaka wonders to see Sakura in her new uniform and remembers that he was not for so long she still wore the one of the elementary school. When Fujitaka asks for the opinion of Toya, he calls Sakura a monster as usual. They bicker both. Fujitaka reminds to Sakura that she is going to be late, what made her go out hastily.

Once outside, Sakura sees the cherry blossoms. She says to herself she would like to go to see cherry trees with her friends, of whom Tomoyo, then, slightly sad, that she would also like to see them with Shaoran. It is at this moment when she perceives a boy with a cuddly winged bear in arms. It is Shaoran. He announces to her that he finished what he had to make in Hong-Kong and that he can now live in Tomoeda. Sakura is so happy that she jumps into his arms. They mean to say to themselves all that they could not say to themselves by mail or by telephone. While they embrace very hardly each other, a noise surprises them. It is Tomoyo who had hidden behind a tree to film them. Tomoyo explains to them that she fell on the most beautiful scenes between them and that she could only film it. Tomoyo notices that Shaoran carries the same uniform as them. He confirms that he will be in the same school and that it would be great if they found they are in the same class again. Sakura explains that it would be already enough that they are together in the same school. Hampered, Sakura urges them to walk faster, pleading to be late. Shaoran, set back, has then a little bit dark look.

Back home in her bedroom, Kero is in front of his video games again and Sakura is on the telephone with Eriol. It is about a long distance call because Eriol returned to England when all Clow Cards was changed in Sakura Cards. Sakura describes him the composition of the classes. Shaoran is in a class different from the one of Sakura with Naoko and Yamazaki. Sakura is with Tomoyo and Chiharu. Rika left to another school which will not prevent Sakura from sending her letters and photos as what she is doing already with Eriol and Kaho. Eriol gives then the telephone to Kaho so that she could thanks her for her letters. Eriol wishes Sakura to be as friendly with the one that she wishes to know most as he is with and that she has sweet dreams the following night, which she does not make any more for some time. As she hangs up, Kero roars his enjoyment to have beaten a boss on his video game. He tells Sakura that it will send to them things to be eaten.

Another school day, Sakura and Shaoran discuss. They are delighted of the return of Shaoran to Tomoeda. Shaoran says to Sakura that he chose to keep living in his former house to being able to go to the school with Sakura. He evokes the presence of her "Sakura" bear at his side who helped him during her absence, same goes for Sakura and her own "Shaoran" bear. They decide then to exchange their bears.

Back in Sakura's bedroom while Toya knocks at her door, Kero freezes not to be discovered by him. Toya brings to Sakura a present of Yukito. It is a brooch which he found where he works half-time. Sakura promises to send him an e-mail to thank him but Toya asks her to go to bed. After Sakura and Kero discussed about Yukito and the former house of Eriol, Sakura takes her key and tidied up it in a box by saying to herself that she did not use it anymore these last days, which was a good thing.

During the night, Sakura dreamed about the cards floating around her, transparent. Then a person carrying a sophisticated suit appeared. Sakura wake up with a start, ejecting Kero from the bed and rushes to verify the cards in the Sakura's book.

What happens? Are cards always in the book?

To be continued...