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Who am I?

Surname (Pseudo) : Lo-chan
First name : Elodie
Birthday : 1st of August 1984
Fête : le 22 octobre
Age : 37 years old
E-m@il : webmaster@twosakura.com
Current work : I'm an IT member, I'm managing data on an Oracle database. Previously PHP Web developper.
Favorite subjects : programmation and maths.
Most hated subjects : communication, legislation et phylosophy.
Hobbies : spending all my free time on computer and developping my sites, watching TV, reading manga, game playing, eating o_O...
My paper manga : as there are plenty, I won't bother you with the list.
Other manga read : a lot and a lot ^^
DVD animes : Card Captor Sakura (integral box collector edition 15 DVD + the 2 movies), Cat's Eye (3 boxes), Fruits Basket (1 box), Love Hina (1 box), X (1 box)...
Online animes : hmmm... Long time ago , I downloaded anime, but now I watch them online, hurray for cable and fibre connection.
What I love the most : being happy and laugthing ^^
Ce que je déteste : le plagiat, le vol, les insultes,... la malhonnetté en général.
Couleur préférée : bleu ciel et rose.
Matos : Dell XPS duo 12, la version 8 Go de RAM et Intel Core I5.
Connexion internet : Câble 30 Mbps.